descriptionMy tweaks to gitweb as used on this site
last change
Chris MorganFix UTF-8 mangling on patch and commitdiff_plain master
Chris MorganUse my bland colours for highlighting
Chris MorganMore miscellaneous style updates
Chris Morganrss_logo → feed_logo
Chris MorganTweak page header appearance
Chris MorganPrettier header separator and text formatting
Chris MorganCope with non-ASCII $site_name
Chris MorganSearch highlighting <mark>, diff recolouring
Chris MorganSome miscellaneous style alterations
Chris MorganImprove time markup and tooltips
Chris MorganRemove support for ancient browsers
Chris MorganKill javascript-timezone altogether
Chris MorganChange the time markup
Chris MorganBolden the current item in .page_subhead
Chris MorganMake JavaScript *actually* optional
Chris MorganDitch some silly trailing <br>s
8 months ago master