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Project Description Last Change
remote-dom-vm Efficiently render to DOM from a worker (currently incomplete and abandoned) 14 months ago
tesid TESID: Textualised Encrypted Sequential Identifiers 2 years ago
gitweb My tweaks to gitweb as used on this site 2 years ago
crev-proofs Crev code review proofs 2 years ago
Rust crates
anymap A safe and convenient store for one value of each type 2 years ago
human-string-filler A tiny template language for human-friendly string substitutions 2 years ago
sanitise-file-name An unusually flexible and efficient file name sanitiser 2 years ago
symlink Create symlinks in a cross-platform manner 2 years ago
u-plus Pretty Unicode code point literals 2 years ago
verhoeff The Verhoeff algorithm, for number checksums 2 years ago